Monday, 23 March 2015

Tips For Shape And Defining Your Eyebrows | QuackyQueenie ♡

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. I've had a little bit of a stressful week at uni but luckily I've gotten a handle on things in my life. How about you? Is there anything in your life that is stressing you out? Maybe you need to take a step back, breath and reevaluate things. For todays post I will be showing you some tips for shaping and defining your eyebrows. Before I go further, I must say, I am not a makeup artist, nor a beautician, I am not trained in doing eyebrows, I just know mine extremely well and I know how to work with them. Please don't not pluck or wax your eyebrows unless you are completely sure you want to! If you're not, go to a beauty salon and get someone else to do it for you! Some people have eyebrows that wont grow back when you touch them, if you are one of those people, be careful when you take away a few hairs, it could ruin your eyebrows forever. Anyway, lets get on with the post! 

I'm going to put this out there, I have really great eyebrows, I've been told that by so many people, including beauticians and makeup artists, but I already know I do, not because they are in fashion because they are thick or they have a great shape (though a love them a little for their shape), but because they grow back. I might hate them a little because they grow back so fast but thank god they do. It has taken me years to appreciate my eyebrows! Literally years. I can show you photos from when I was a little girl and I had plucked my eyebrows so much, they were like thin lines over my face. I can show you a photo of them 5 years ago and it looks like that. I never appreciated what I had until I had finally had enough and I grew them. Now I have caterpillars on my face and I love it, but that doesn't mean I just let them roam free. 

I make sure that my brows get the best treatment, I need to keep them perfect all the time and I need to be the one to supervise them. So, who does my eyebrows? Me. I will not let anyone touch them in fear that they will take away a few to many hairs. I pluck my eyebrows, which I know a lot of people would be a bit scared to do but I feel it gives me more control and I know what I am doing. Also being so up close and personal with your eyebrows helps you understand what looks good when it comes to filling them in. I've let my brows grow out a little just to show you all this, so this is how I do my eyebrows. 


When it comes to plucking out the hairs, I use 4 things - 2 pairs of tweezers, a nail file and a large mirror. The tweezers I own are some old favourites, the pink one (or former pink one) by manicare has an angled flat tip, which makes it easier for me to take out a lot of hairs at once. I also find that this one has a really strong grip and there have been some tough hairs which have only been plucked out by this beauties. I also have these silver tweezers by Sally Hanson, which have a pointed tip, so that helps get smaller hairs that I might be able to get with my larger tweezers. I also use a nail file to figure out where my arches should be and where my eyebrows should start and finish. I only use one because it is straight, you can use a ruler if you want, as long as you use something that you can manoeuvre around your face easily and a mirror, which you can see both of your beautiful eyebrows in.

So this is what I do first. I line up my nail file with the so my eyebrows are in line with my nose. In the first picture, the nail file is straight, so the end of my eyebrow lines up with my nose.

Next I do my arch, some people may not have arches, doing this can help create one if you'd like to try that, I have a natural arch there so I don't need to create one. Some tips I have if you want to create arches, pluck hairs from under your eyebrows, not from on top. To find your arch, line your nail file up with your pupil and the tip of your nose. 

After that I find out where my eyebrow should end and I find out where that is by lining the tip of my nose up with the corner of my eye. Some of you might not need this, but it helps when figuring out how long you should make your eyebrows when filling them in. 

Now that I've figured out these things, I begin taking out the hairs. I only pluck hairs from under my brows. I don't recommend plucking the top of your brows because you can ruin the natural arch, however if you have a few darker hairs near the top of your eyebrows, it's okay to pluck them. Try and pluck hairs from under your brows if it's your first time plucking your eyebrows and go slow, you want to keep checking them and comparing them to each other to make sure they are the same. 

When your done it should help frame your face and you should look great! :) 

Defining Tips

I don't fill in my eyebrows a lot because I have very full eyebrows already, though on occasions when I have an event to go to or I'm doing a 'look,' I'll fill in my eyebrows. There isn't much I can actually do because mine are black, if I use a eyeshadow shade that's too light, it will look weird, so I stay close to darker colours and also black. I like using the black in the ZOEVA 88 Shade eyeshadow palette, Serious or Sleek in The Balm Nude palette or the shades you see in my little Clinique palette (which isn't available so I wont tell you too much about it. If I happen to fill in my eyebrows for some reason but I don't want them to be too full on, I'll use a dark eyeliner, like the one Professional Eyebrow pencil by Rimmel London in the shade Black Brown. It's also got a little brush which can help with grooming your eyebrows. 

For the purpose of this, I filled in my eyebrows completely, like if I was going out to a party or an event. What I tend to do is comb Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara in Dark Brown and then, using a Real Techniques angled brush, I'll fill in my brows. For this post, I used Sleek on the Balm palette. I tend to make my brows really full when I do them, but my advice if you don't want them to be too full is, when you do your brows, if you don't want them to be too full, add single hairs and fill them up that way. It's a little hard to explain how to do brows in a makeup post so maybe I will do a video tutorial in the future. :)

And this is the finished look! I then to straighten my brow endings a bit and lengthen them slightly.

So what do you think? I think I will do a tutorial on youtube for this in the near future because it has been requested by quite a few of my friends. I hope you liked the photos, it was a little bit hard to take photo's because my hair was getting in the way. I hope you liked this weeks post and I'll see you next week with a new blog post!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Lip Crayons Review And Comparisons! | QuackyQueenie ♡

Hello everyone! How are you all! As promised, I am doing a second blog post for this week because I've been such a bad blogger! :3 I was going to do a lipstick review, however, I've lost the lipstick I was going to review, which is so sad, but! I am going to be doing a review that I've been wanted to do since I've started this blog which is, LIP CRAYONS! 

These are all the lip crayons that I own. although I'm a little bit of a fan of them, I'm not someone who will buy a lot of them. They are handy and are a bit between a lipstick and a lipgloss so I like to use them on days that I cannot be bothered wearing lipstick, but I want to have a little bit of a glam lip! :3 

The first lip crayon I have is a Natio Smoothie, Lip Colour Crayon in the colour Plum. I really like this colour, however it doesn't transition well on to you lips. It takes a massive amount of reapplying to get a little bit of colour. However, I really like that it darkens your lips but it isn't too intense. I can't wait for winter so I can wear it a bit more often, I'm still currently loving light, summer colours!

This is next crayon is a Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in the shade 245. I bought this because I wanted to be a bit daring and go for an orange colour... but it doesn't really suit me. I do like the colour on other people though! You have to keep reapplying for the matte effect, however it does look really nice when you're done! I don't like the smell though. This is a biggie for me. It smells like mint and I hate mint so much!

The last crayon is the Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm in the shade 120. Out of the 3, it is my favourite. I really think Revlon make the best lip crayons. It gives you this really nice pinky shine to your lips and you don't have to keep reapplying this one to get the effect! I've been using this quite a lot during summer and it really has this nice, young, spring feel to it. It also smells like mint though, so I don't really like that factor.

What did you think? I hope you like it. I'm sorry if my face looks really bad. I've decided to have a makeup free day today because I've been a bit sick so I didn't do anything to my face. I'm also sorry if it looks like I'm posing in photo's, I'm not, I'm trying to get used to my new iphone camera, it's really weird. How is your week so far though? Is it nice in your part of the world? I hope you are all doing well and I'll see you next week on Monday with another post! 

-xx Kat

Monday, 16 March 2015

Study Tips! | QuackyQueenie ♡

Hello everyone! How have you all been? I'm so sorry I've been absent for about a month with no communication! I got really sick with the flu and then I had to prepare for university so I was very stressed out and it all got a bit much so I took a little break from the internet and blogging, but I'm back, which is good! Today isn't going to be a makeup themed post. I'm going to do another one during the week to make up for being a bad blogger, but today I'm going to be doing a bit of a lifestyle type of post.

As some of you, who have read my blog before, know, I am currently studying at the University of Adelaide. I'm doing a BA of Architecture (so amazing, I love it so much, I'm in my element) and I'm currently trying to get into an exchange program to go to Nottingham for a semester next year. I have a day off during the week, I only have a few lectures and tutorials each day, I have a heap of assignments to do each week and next my university is right next to the CBD in Adelaide, so I can go and do whatever I want after I've been to my various lessons...

I feel like, although, I am extremely passionate about this degree and I am extremely passionate about going to university, I am totally unprepared for what I got in to. I have known that I've wanted to go to university since I was 13 and I wanted to be an Architect since I was about 5 but sometimes it all gets a little bit too much and you need to take a step back. I'm not saying I'm quitting uni! I will never do that! I wanted to make a guide for anyone who is in the same situation and needs to have some ways of getting some downtime to de-stress. :3

1. Go Out To Your Favourite Coffee Shop, Library, Outdoor Area Etc. And Study!
Something that really de-stresses me is actually doing the work that I've been done. I mean, I'm someone who is a professional procrastinator, so I find it so difficult to actually do work at all, but if I'm in an environment that is comfortable to work in, then I find it easy to get the work done. Once you have gotten all your work done, you feel this weight lifted off of your shoulders and you're able to relax and have some down time. 
Usually this place is full of people sitting in the lawns but this was taken at 7:30 at night so everyone would have gone home. But it's a pretty view! 

2. Organise Yourself And The Areas Around You As Much A Possible.
I am someone who really likes to be organised and clean. I hate it when my room is messy, mainly because it's so small, but also because it makes me feel like I can't do anything. What I think is really great is to have a clean room and organised room. This doesn't mean you have to get every little bit of your room ordered so anyone can go in it and find a specific item, it just means that it has to be clean enough for you to feel comfortable in it. For the past two weeks I've had a terribly messy desk, so I decided to clean it and organise it enough so I can fit my drawing board on it! It also means that I can finally sit down and do my makeup! (Take note all you beauty bloggers who love looking at everyone's makeup collection, I know you're there, I'm one of you- all of those boxes house my makeup collection! :3) 

3. Have A Bit Of Me Time. 
Something that I constantly tell friends when they are really run down is to take some time out for themselves. Just don't talk to anyone and completely be antisocial for an hour or a day. It really helps you readjust and think about everything in a different light. Something that I like to do whilst I'm alone and having a bit of me time is light a candle, listen to some music and blog. You could also have a nice relaxing bath or read a book. Just treat yourself with various little things to make yourself feel better. 
My me time at the moment is listening to cool music on Spotify. 

4. Go Out For A Walk. 
Something that makes you feel better is exercise and fitness, its a proven fact that it gives you endorphins! Even though you might be someone who already has a fitness day set out (like me, I have PT sessions on a Wednesday), doing daily exercise is really good for your body, fitness, metabolism, health, beauty, sleep - the list is endless! Something that I like to do, because I'm at uni for a while some nights, is to go for a walk around the uni to my car or to the bus stop. It's nice to look at your surroundings and take in nature. 
Look at the glorious view you could have whilst on a walk! 

5. Have A Secret Stash Of Goodies. 
I know most of you might already do this but if you don't, try and keep a secret stash of your favourite snacks together in one place, just for emergencies. It really helps if you're doing a study session and you have can't go to the shop but you're really craving chocolate. Just try not to eat it all at once! :)

6. Have Support Network Of Friends.
I know some people might be really antisocial and not like to talk to people in real life, but making social connections in your course or at uni or in school or anywhere is really good for you. Not only can you study together, but you can also talk about the most recent lecture, find out what is going on at uni or just generally chat to them when you're feeling down. I couldn't ask for better friends and they have supported me through thick and thin, so it really nice to know that someone will be there when I eventually crumble under all of my assignments! x)

So, what did you think of todays post? I know some of you might not be at uni, but you could apply this all to your everyday life too! :) I'll be doing a post on Wednesday this week because I think I need to as I haven't been blogging for yonks! The post will most probably be a lipstick review so get ready! Sorry about some of the picture quality though, I didn't have my professional camera when I took them so it was hard for me to get a great shot!

Also - I MADE A DRESS! If you would like to see my work, go to my Tumblr blog! I'm really proud of it so I want everyone to see! This is the link to the posts -

I hope you're having a lovely week and I'll see you on Wednesday! :3 
-xx Kat

Monday, 2 February 2015

January Favourites! | QuackyQueenie ♡

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? We've already made it to February, it's so weird, it feels like it should still be Christmas! Since January has ended, it's time for me to do a January Favourites! This is just a small collection of things that I've been loving over the past month, both in beauty and also some general things like movies, books, music etc. It's also a new year so this is something that I'm going to be doing ever month so I'm going to have to keep track of what I've been loving!

First of all, these are all the makeup Products that I've been using and loving throughout the month! If you regularly read my blog you will see some things that have been featured throughout the month, like the Dior Iconic Mascara or the Dior Holiday Couture Collection Creations Palette and the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer but some other products which I haven't said anything about are also there, like the Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipsticks or The Revlon liquid blush in pinched. I've been really loving this blush because it gives you a subtle heathy glow and looks amazing on, it was the perfect blush for what I was looking for! The Kate Lipsticks however were an impulse by, yet such a good choice. The red lipstick, in the shade 22, is so nice and not too overpowering which I really like and the pink lipstick is really fresh and sweet, perfect for the end of summer and a great shade for valentines day. I'm also really loving the Benefit Benetint for those days when I don't feel like wearing makeup and giving colour to your lips when you're not wearing makeup really makes you look so much nicer. 

Next up are some books that I've been loving! I'm a massive book hoarder/nerd. I try and read so many books but when I buy them, I don't have time to read them so they get read over a few weeks, rather than a few days and then I continue to buy books that I don't have time to read, so I have a pile of unread books that I'm dying to read! Then the cycle continues. Luckily I've been on holidays so I've had a bit more time to read! This month I've been reading some of the books I got for christmas, which are the recognisable 'How to be Parisian' by Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret and Anne Berest, and 'Parisian Chic' by Sophie Gachet. I was going through a french thing at the end of last year! Both books are really fantastic, they both give interesting advice, yet at the same time are a massive laugh to read. I've also been reading 'Crime And Punishment' by Fyodor Dostoyevsky which is absolutely brilliant and considering what the story contains, I'm really enjoying it! I haven't gotten to the end yet so don't spoil it for me! I've also been rereading 'One Day' by David Nicholls which is one of my favourite books and I really recommend it! 

Some other things I have been loving this month are Taylor Swift's platinum edition of her Fearless album. It's sitting in the CD dock of my car and my phone hasn't been connecting to my radio so I've been listening to it for the past few weeks and singing along! My favourite songs off of the album are Jump Then Fall, The Other Side Of The Door, Untouchable and The piano version of Forever and Always! I am a proud swiftie so I love listening to her music all the time, plus I've spent all of my teens listening to it! I've also been going through a Japanese anime phase and loving re-watching my favourite tv show Cardcaptor Sakura and I needed to put that in my favourites because it is something I love dearly. I also got Howl's Moving Castle, a Studio Ghibli Film by the Oscar Winning Hayao Miyazaki, for christmas. I love watching this film, it's so beautiful, as well as the soundtrack. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend you do because it is wonderful and if you don't like reading subtitles there is an english version with Christian Bale, Lauren Bacall and Emily Mortimer and their voices are so splendid. 

And that is all my favourites for last month and the end of this weeks blog post! What did you think? Do you have any favourites from January that your itching to tell someone, tell me! You can always comment down below! Next week I PROMISE I will be doing the University Haul! I swear! I just forgot it was the end of the month! ;) I hope you enjoyed this weeks post and I shall see you next week with another one! Hope you're well and having a fantastic day! 
- xx Kat 

Monday, 26 January 2015

Australia Day Makeup Advice! | QuackyQueenie ♡

Hello Everyone and Happy Australia day! It's also my parent's 24th wedding anniversary, one more until silver! :) As you might of guessed, this blog post is going to be Australia day themed because I upload my blog posts on Monday's, so it happened to be the same day as the day when the First Fleet arrived here in 1788 and commandeered Australia for Britain. There is a lot to love when it comes to the place I call home and there is a lot to celebrate, so I've decided to make a post about my advice for what makeup to wear when you celebrate this day, in three easy steps! 

1. Fresh Faced
First of all, if you happen to be going to the beach or to the pool or something with water (which I am actually going to be doing), then I recommend you don't wear makeup. You want to feel clean and fresh whilst swimming, not like a fish that can't use it's gills. I recommend, that if you go to the pool, put on some zinc cream. Our nations colours are traditionally blue, white and red, though we all usually wear yellow and green which will make you stand out so much more as you celebrate your pride for this country. If you do want to look a little done up, then just use some concealer to hide any imperfections you think you may have, though truly you are beautiful in every single way and to achieve that beach hair that everyone loves, use sea salt spray, like the one by Toni and Guy, on wet hair, plait you hair and leave it to dry and when you're done, you should have achieved those beautiful beach waves.

2. Sun Protection
Now sun protection! When it's summer in Australia, you should really go out all the time in sun screen (even if it smells) because the UV rays are some of the worst in the world. We, as a country, have one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, and you want to prevent that. So if you don't want to wear sunblock on your face because of your makeup, then I advise getting a foundation with SPF in it. The best you can actually get is a foundation with SPF 30, like the Revlon Photoready BB cream, because not only is it light on your skin, but it also has SPF 30!! If you can't get your hands on something expensive with a high SPF, then get is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation with SPF 20 and the Match Perfection foundation with SPF 18 which both feel really great on your skin!

3. Easy makeup Makeup 
Next if you do go out, and you're not swimming, think about wearing natural or easy makeup. When it comes to makeup, Australians like to look very natural and very tanned, which is terrible for me because I don't like going out in the direct sun but to get that effect, try a bronzer that suites you. My bronzer is the Natio Pressed Powder Mineral Bronzer. Also you should use something to make your cheeks look nice and beautiful, like the revlon liquid blusher in Pinched 100. 

Think about wearing makeup that brings out a better version of yourself. I recommend using a natural, yet unnatural palette like the Nude palette by the Balm and then mixing and matching shades until you find something that really stands out, but in a way that doesn't stand out. I also recommend for your lips, use a lipstick which stands out, but doesn't stand out too much, like the Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick in Passion Fruit.

That is the end of this weeks post! I hope you liked it! Did you enjoy some pictures of me? I was going to bake something but that fell through, maybe next year! Next weeks blog post is going to be a university haul, so get ready for that! It's going to involve clothes and shoes and a laptop. ;) I hope you are having a wonderful Australia day and enjoy the rest of your week, you deserve it! 

-xx Kat

Monday, 19 January 2015

What's In My Everyday Makeup Bag! | QuackyQueenie ♡

Hello everyone! I've uploaded on a Monday, I kept my promise! Before I begin, I have some exciting news. If you don't follow me on twitter or tumblr then you wouldn't have heard but I got into university!! This is something that is so unexpected and amazing, I didn't think I would get in because I didn't apply through the usual method, but I did and I am so excited to be sharing this all with you. I honestly screamed when I saw the email with the offer. It was also my first preference and it was in the first round of offers so I am completely flabbergasted. This means that in the near future I will be sharing some uni hauls and maybe documenting my day but for now I will be showing you what is in my Everyday Makeup Bag! :)

This is my makeup bag, it is a white Ted Baker one with little gold accessories and a cute little bow. I've had this since christmas last year and I use it all the time, it is always in my bag, even when I'm not wearing makeup. I like it because it is quite small but it fits a lot of items so I can put it into my bag and keep everything in place but also not take up space! 

The first things I am taking around with me at the moment are my brushes, I cannot even remember a time when I didn't use brushes. Right now, for my face, I use the Real Techniques Powder brush for powder, the Real Techniques Buffing Brush for applying my foundation and I use the Real Techniques Contour Brush for blending in my concealer. For actual contouring, I use a Benefit Slant Powder brush, which I don't think is actually available anymore, though I haven't checked recently. For my eyes I am using the Real Techniques Eyeshadow brush and a Models Prefer Professional Blending Brush. I am also using the Balm shadow and liner brush for putting eyeshadow under my eyes. 

Next are my face products! You may notice that I am not carrying around foundation and that is because it is summer and I'm not particularly up for putting a whole lot of foundation on my face, however if I do have to wear it, I will apply it at home. I don't see the need to take it with me if I'm honest. What I do take with me is the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer in the shade Ivory and the Stay Matte Powder in Peach Glow. I find that I can get away with just concealer for most things and a little bit of powder on the shiny bits of my face. 

On to contouring and blusher, if I am in the mood for it, I will use the L'oréal Paris Le Blush and my contouring palette by Sleek in the shade light 373. I do carry the Sleek contouring palette around with me, mainly because it has a really good mirror for makeup on the go, so I take it with me, even if I don't use it. I am also currently using my Clinique Palette -  Neutral Territory 2 for my eyeshadows as I am quite liking the colour light shade of day into night duo on my eyes and then brown shade of polar blue quad in the crease of my eye. If I do use an eyeshadow other then this one, then I will either swap it out, or keep it in my bag if it is too big for the makeup bag, but generally for everyday use, I use my Clinique Palette. 

For my mascara I am using my Diorshow Iconic, and as I've said before this is my favourite mascara ever. It is so nice on my lashes, I don't even feel like I'm wearing any. It doesn't give you a full on lash look, which I prefer, yet also makes your lashes stand out a lot more, so I constantly keep this in my makeup bag. 

For my Lips, I am currently in very outgoing mood and wearing my MAC Russian Red lipstick all the time. Even if it is during the day and I am doing nothing, I really enjoy wearing this lipstick! It also is very matte and lasts the entire day so I don't have to waste time reapplying it, so it's easy for me to look fabulous without even trying! :) 

Thats it for this weeks blog post! I hope you like it and maybe you got some ideas on what to put in your makeup bag, if you're currently looking for some new items. Next week (or the week after), I will be doing a uni haul with some new clothes, shoes and a bag that I got to prepare for the big occasion! There is a lot of things I will be buying for uni so I wont be able to buy some new makeup products for a while, but do not fret! I will be doing an eyeshadow review in the next few blog posts, so look forward to that!

I hope you are doing well and you're week is so lovely! <3 
- Kat xxx

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

2015 Beauty Essentials Ideas | QuackyQueenie ♡

Hello again! Sorry I'm late on my Monday blogging promise! I didn't actually realise it was Monday until the last minute, I'm still in the holiday mindset to be honest, but I am getting on back on track, so today is my 2015 beauty essentials ideas! I've thought of all the things that I will be keeping in my makeup bag for the start of 2015 and I thought I'd share them, hopefully it will give you an idea of what to put in yours! Now, lets get cracking shall we? 

The first thing I have in my bag is my foundation products! Some of these are so well renowned that you should already have them in your makeup bag, like the Stay Matte Powder and Wake Me Up Concealer by Rimmel, but the Lasting Finish Foundation by Rimmel and the Revlon Photo Ready BB cream isn't very well known. I included two types of foundations because I am currently in Summer and I'd rather not wear foundation in general when it's 40ºc  but if I have to, I'll wear BB cream. Both of these feel so light on your skin, plus they make it feel like velvet so I recommend them!

Lasting Foundation in the shade Ivory 100, concealer in the shade Ivory, powder in the shade Peach Glow 003, BB cream in the shade 010 Light Pâle.

Next on my list is contour and blusher powders! I have a Dior palette that I am now using for some of these but I will get to that in a second. I like to use a really plain and natural blusher for my cheeks so I use the L'oréal Paris Le Blush which comes in a cute little container with it's own brush! It also doesn't stand out too much on your skin, unless you want it to. The contouring palette I use is by Sleek, which I got from (15% discount with the code LXBLOG), and it is really fantastic, in terms of the contouring side of the palette, the blush side however, not so much. I really like it because it looks very natural and doesn't stand out too much on my skin, but it does do it's job when giving your face a lovely shape!

Sleek Palette in the shade Light 373, L'oréal Blush in the shade 120 Rose Santal/Sandalwood Pink.

On my eyes I have started to get a little more natural in the day time so I only wear my Diorshow Iconic Mascara, which is my favourite mascara of all time and I highly recommend you buy it, if you buy anything from this post! During the night time however, if I am going out, I will glam up a bit. I've started to use the Revlon Colour Stay Eyeliner for under my eyes, which is really bronze colour and looks lovely with darker types of makeup and the Maybelline Eye Studio Hyper Glossy Liquid liner for my lid and in all honestly this is the best liquid liner I have ever used, so if you are afraid of using liquid liner, give this one a try! I also rarely (because I already have very thick eyebrows) wear the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara on my eyebrows, which you should try if you want to make your eyebrows stand out a little more.

Revlon Colour Stay Eyeliner in the shade Topaz 208, Brow Drama in the shade Dark Brown,  Mascara and liquid liner are both black.

I tend to stay away from lipstick, unless I'm feeling up to it and recently I've just started to grab my MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red, which I reviewed here, for all occasions, even when going to the shops because it makes me feel confident and who doesn't like that! If I don't want to wear lipstick however, but I still want my lips to have a little bit of a punch, I use my Benefit Benetint, which gives my lips such a lovely colour and also doubles up as a cheek stain! 

Last but not least, especially in price, I have my most loved and signature perfume and my Dior Couture Creations Palette! Firstly, I am putting the Trésor Midnight Rose Perfume by Lancôme in this post because I love it, I'll most likely be wearing it for the rest of the year and if you aren't sure what perfume you should try next, maybe you should look at this one. The Dior Palette is also doubling as my eyeshadows, because look at them! THEY ARE ALL GLORIOUS! You can also mix and match the colours and they are going to last forever. I have about 9 Dior eyeshadows and they still haven't run out, it is really worth the price. Plus the palette comes with a highlighter, a blusher, lip gloss and a lipstick! This is the highlight of my makeup collection, it really is. It also has a really amazing mirror which you can use! 

It smells really nice too if you need convincing. It's so obvious I'm a Dior fan...
Dior Holiday Couture Collection - Couture creations Palette $120 AUD, Trésor Midnight Rose Perfume by Lancôme $81 - $138 AUD.

So have you liked this post? I hope you have and I maybe it has given you some ideas on what you should put in your 2015 makeup bag! Let me know what you think!

I'll be back next Monday with another blog post (most probably a review) and I hope you all to have a fantastic week! - xx Kat